Welcome to Sacred Heart College Curriculum Overview

Welcome to our curriculum overview at Sacred Heart College. We offer a wide range of courses for our students and cater for all different learning needs covering all curriculum areas.

As a special character school Religious Education is compulsory for all students at all year levels.

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Year 9 Curriculum

  • English, Mathematics, Science, PE, Social Science and Religious Education are compulsory.
  • Throughout the year students experience a number of different subjects in rotation.
  • Rotation 1: Languages: approximately 12 weeks of each language- German, French and Te Reo Maori
  • Rotation 2: one term of each of the following- Art, Music, DTE and Materials Technology

The following links provide an overview of the core subjects and the option rotations

Year 10 Student Curriculum

Year 11 Student Curriculum

  • Students can choose 2 courses in addition to the compulsory courses. NCEA Level 1 optional courses.
  • A course from each of Religious Studies, English, Science and Mathematics are compulsory for NCEA Level 1. NCEA Level 1 core courses
  • We will provide guidance for our students in choosing the courses that are appropriate for them.

Year 12 Student Curriculum

  • Students must choose 5 courses in addition to Religious Studies. Level 2 Optional Courses
  • A course of Religious Studies is compulsory for all students Level 2 Core Courses
  • Please note that English is recommended at Level 2. If you are intending to attend tertiary education you are required to obtain University Literacy in Reading and Writing by the end of Level 3. Please check the course descriptions carefully and use the attached worksheet to work out if you can gain UE literacy in Level 2 or 3.

Year 13 Student Curriculum

  • Religious Education is compulsory. Level 3 Core Courses
  • In addition to RE every student choose 5 courses. Level 3 Optional Courses
  • Student intending to attend tertiary education are required to obtain University Literacy in Reading and Writing by the end of Level 3. Please check the course descriptions of preferred courses carefully to ensure you can gain UE literacy at Level 3.

Course Selection is an important part of decision-making and we encourage caregivers and students to work together in this decision-making process.   

Please feel free to contact your child’s Kaiarahi and/or year level Deans for support.  Please ask questions of them to ensure you are fully informed prior to making the course selection.   

New Zealand Scholarship (in addition to Level 3)

Students who excel academically may also enter for a New Zealand Scholarship (as well as NCEA Level 3) in 1 or more subjects. 

The content of the Scholarship course is the same as for NCEA Level 3 but on top of that students will be expected to do independent work in greater depth.  All assessments are external (i.e. exams) and are standards based.   

Detailed information about our Learning Areas:

Please use the links to find out more information about our learning areas:


Social Sciences

Learning Support
Religious Studies




Visual Arts

Performing Arts

Health & Physical Education    

Year Level Deans: 

Year 9:

Nicola Pollard

Year 10:

Charlotte Booker

Year 11:

Liesbet Gavey

Year 12:

Kate Baird

Year 13:

Simon Blandford