Social Sciences

Welcome to the Social Sciences Department!

The aim of the Social Sciences Department is to inform students about the world in which they live.  As teachers our aim is to help our students become informed, critical, active and responsible citizens.

Through the various subjects we offer we focus on investigating the past, present and future.  We study issues relating to New Zealand and the World.

Students are able to examine different perspectives, values and viewpoints and clarify their own opinions.

The subjects we offer include: Junior Social Studies, Junior Option History Senior History, Geography, Classical Studies, History of Art, Social Justice Studies and Sustainable Societies and Futures.

Social Science classes are offered at all year levels.  We offer interesting and varied assessment tasks and focus on improving historical and geographical skills, as well as ethical and meaningful research and report writing.

Students take part in field work, have visiting guest speakers and incorporate the use of digital technology in to their work.

As a department we are proud of the work we do and of the results gained by the students.  We try to bring the past alive in a relevant way and prepare the students for the future.

Students will develop skills of inquiry, analysis and communication as they study people and societies of different times and places. They will enhance their understanding of their own heritage as individuals and learn the special values and diversity of other cultures and societies.

Social Science subjects include:

  • Art History
  • Classical Studies
  • Geography
  • History
  • Social Justice Studies
  • Commerce
  • Sustainable Societies and Futures
  • Business Studies