Welcome to the Mathematics Department.

Mathematics is a useful tool for helping us understand our world.  Maths is essential for everyday tasks, such as managing your credit card and mortgage, buying groceries, playing games, computing the mileage one can travel by car (given the amount of cash in your wallet), and splitting up a restaurant bill with friends.  But equally, if not more importantly, maths is the science of problem solving.  Our society is becoming ever more technical and complicated, and to be successful in almost any endeavour, you need to be able to solve problems.

At Sacred Heart College we endeavour to strike a balance between equipping students with the skills and knowledge to be able to participate meaningfully in society, and giving students an insight into the power and potential of mathematics to describe, model and predict the world in which we live.

Mathematics courses provide students with the skills and understanding which will enable them to cope confidently with the mathematics of everyday life in a society which is technologically orientated. These courses also provide a solid foundation for those students who may wish to continue their studies in mathematics. An integral aspect of the mathematics learning environment is the fostering of confidence and achievement, and the development of a variety of problem solving techniques. 

Mathswell Competition

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