Transition to work

Transition to Work

Transition programmes at Sacred Heart College provide, support and initiate courses that offer students opportunities to explore their capabilities, develop competencies, and grow more self-assured and confident so that they take control of their own lives.  All Transition programmes are essentially designed to prepare students for life beyond school and to be able to effectively manage their own career planning in the future.

Transition provides information about the range of options within and beyond the Secondary School environment and seeks to raise awareness of skills pathways through active participation in vocational, workplace, off-site training and learning programmes.  Students pursue individual learning programmes.

Transition to Work courses support students to gain the understanding, skills and attitudes they need to successfully transition from school to the work place or further study.  Students taking Transition to Work courses have the opportunity to participate in a range of career related programmes and activities which will assist them to make informed decisions about what they want to do when they leave school.

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