Health and Physical Education

Our Staff focus closely on movement and its contribution to the development of our students and communities.  By learning in, through and about movement our students gain an understanding that movement is integral to human expression and that it can contribute to people's pleasure and enhance their well-being.

At Sacred Heart College Health and Physical Education is compulsory at Year 9 and Year 10, and is taken as an option at Year 11, 12 and 13. 

The students explore human movement through anatomical, physiological, and biomechanical analysis, and learn about various sports psychology methods as a way to improve performance.  Sports nutrition, programme planning and current issues around sport are also examined. 

In Health students complete a variety of topics including; New Zealand Health Issues and Health Practices, Ethical Issues, International Health Issues, Well-being and Interpersonal Issues.

Outdoor education complements and enhances the traditional curriculum available at Sacred Heart College.  It provides opportunities for learning, different from those in the classroom and has special value in the interpersonal and social development of the students.  It offers experiences and challenges in and around some of the environments that mould us as a region and provides a real pathway to students keen to transfer these skills in to tertiary training and employment.

Sacred Heart College offers further Outdoor education opportunities in the Year 9 Camp and Year 10 day camp.  In the senior option classes in Years 11, 12 and 13 we include different sports from Zumba, Bumperball to Skateboarding.  In Year 12 the Physical Education classes have a trip skiing as part of their assessment in Risk Management.

Over 200 students are currently enrolled in the Young New Zealander's Challenge of The Duke of Edinburgh's Hillary Award and Sacred Heart College has had the largest number of students graduate with their Gold Award in NZ in the past 5 Years. We offer Bronze in Year 10, Silver in Year 11 and Gold over Y12 and Y13.

Health and Physical Education lessons

Sacred Heart encourages all students to get involved with sport.  All Year 9 and 10 students will participate in Physical Education classes. These occur twice per week throughout each term and for Year 9 this includes: fitness, badminton, hockey, large ball skills, small ball skills, cultural games, athletics and creative movement.

In Year 10 this includes: touch, sports education, outdoor education/adventure based learning, athletics, creative movement and designing games.

Health lessons occur once a fortnight and for Year 9 topics include: positive relationships, me and my world, tobacco and alcohol awareness, and change, loss and grief.

In Year 10 topics include:  keeping ourselves safe, mental health matters, sexuality and drug education.

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