Year 10 Health & Physical Education

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Course Description

Teacher in Charge: B. Hibberd

In Physical Education and Health we continue to encourage full participation, general fitness and skill development through a wide variety of sports and physical activities. 

You will attend two physical Education and one Health Lesson a week.

PE topics: 

Touch/Turbo Touch.  Growth and Development.  Sports Education.  Invasion Games.  Designing Games.  Creative Movement.  Athletics.

In Y10 Health, the aim is to develop an understanding and gain learning through a wide range of topics. Students are encouraged to participate fully in these lessons, the topics are:

Health topics: 

Keeping Ourselves Safe.  Sexuality.  Mental Health Matters.  Drug Education.

Course Overview

Term 1
Touch/Turbo Touch.
Growth and Development

Keeping Ourselves Safe

Term 2
Sports Education
Invasion Games


Term 3
Designing Games
Creative Movement

Mental Health Matters

Term 4

Drug Education


Social worker. Environmental Health Officer. Community Worker. Nurse. Doctor. Dental Assistant. Pathologist. Psychologist. Pharmacy Technician. Psychiatrist. Health Services Manager. Psychotherapist. Acupuncturist. Midwife. Chiropractor. Dental Technician. Pharmacist. Dentist. Health Promoter. Occupational Therapist. Youth Worker. Naturopath. Radiation Therapist. Osteopath. Physiotherapist. Speech Language Therapist. Case Manager. Counsellor. Care worker. Paramedic. Teacher.

Contributions and Equipment/Stationery

1 x Exercise book (lined)
$20 course contribution
$180 Year 10 Camp (TBA)
PE Gear (SHC PE top and PE shorts, sneakers, gym bag (draw string), black tracksuit pants)

Recommended Prior Learning

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